Pure Counselling Therapy is a natural therapeutic process to provide emotional relief and promote healing, whilst bringing about organic personal growth and change.


I use 3 simple stages to help explain the counselling process.


When clients first attend sessions the process of 'telling their story', acknowledging feelings, being heard and validated, brings 'Relief' through a therapeutic unburdening of the load they are carrying.


 As sessions continue, clients identify and explore the underlying causes of problems. Through this comes a new understanding of how they’ve arrived at this point in their lives and healing begins. 


With the skills of a counsellor, unhelpful beliefs, thought processes and behaviours can be identified and worked through to promote growth and change. Sometimes clients have already experienced dramatic change such as loss and work towards acceptance of the change created in their lives.


Whatever we experience in life we learn from.  We never return to what or who we previously were, every experience changes and shapes us.  


Our renewal is the positive outcome of what we have experienced and overcome; be it pain, distress, loss etc. If we allow them, I believe our most painful experiences in life are those from which we gain the most.




  • Counselling Psychotherapy to:  Individuals ~ EAP’s ~ Healthcare Providers.

  • Online Video and Telephone Counselling Psychotherapy across the UK

  • Short term & long term Therapy dependant on clients needs.

  • Clinical Supervision 


FREE CONSULTATION -  It's important your Counsellor feels right for you. I invite clients to take up a free no obligation 30 min. consultation I offer. It gives you the opportunity for an informal confidential chat, ask questions and look at your needs. I’d be happy to arrange a time if you'd like to get in touch.



Therapy online via Zoom & Telephone have become the preferred option for clients. Juggling home, family, work and appointments can be chaotic. I work with clients all over the UK, whilst they can appreciate the advantages of having sessions at home or in their chosen private space. It's a welcome option to individuals who have difficulty with transport, disabilities or limiting conditions. It also enables clients to maintain counselling sessions when away or travelling.