Pure Counselling Therapy is a natural therapeutic process to provide emotional relief and promote healing, whilst bringing about organic personal growth and change.


I use 3 simple stages to help explain the counselling process.


When clients first attend sessions the process of 'telling their story', acknowledging feelings, being heard and validated, brings 'Relief' through a therapeutic unburdening of the load they are carrying.


 As sessions continue, clients identify and explore the underlying causes of problems. Through this comes a new understanding of how they’ve arrived at this point in their lives and healing begins. 


With the skills of a counsellor, unhelpful beliefs, thought processes and behaviours can be identified and worked through to promote growth and change. Sometimes clients have already experienced dramatic change such as loss and work towards acceptance of the change created in their lives.


Whatever we experience in life we learn from.  We never return to what or who we previously were, every experience changes and shapes us.  


Our renewal is the positive outcome of what we have experienced and overcome; be it pain, distress, loss etc. If we allow them, I believe our most painful experiences in life are those from which we gain the most.


Currently NHS services, primarily GP’s, offer a limited amount of counselling sessions with a designated counsellor. The waiting lists can be long, and when appointments become available there is little choice in date or time. This leaves patients with no support or help at the time it’s most needed. 


Choosing to access counselling with an independent practitioner,  gives you the freedom and autonomy to choose your own counsellor, the type of therapy that feels right for you, and with no delays; begin counselling within a few days.


  • Counselling Psychotherapy to:  Individuals ~ EAP’s ~ Healthcare Providers.

  • Online Video and Telephone Counselling Psychotherapy across the UK


  • Early Interventions and Support for sufferers of PTS & PTSD.

  • Support for individual family members of other PTSD sufferers.

  • Short term, long term Therapy dependant on clients needs.

  • Clinical Supervision 

TAILORING SESSIONS Appointments are available within a few days after initial contact. I go through an assessment with all clients to establish their needs. If client’s funds are limited, we can agree a limit to number of sessions and realistic outcomes, working within your budget.  Each sessions is 50 minutes.


FREE CONSULTATION - I offer a free no obligation, 30 minute telephone consultation. This enables clients to gain information and check out if they would feel comfortable working with me. It also gives me the opportunity to briefly look at the clients concerns and ensure counselling is the most appropriate way forward for them.  




Therapy online via Zoom & Telephone have become the preferred convenient mediums for clients. Juggling home, family, work and appointments can be chaotic. I can work with clients anywhere in the country whilst they can appreciate the advantages of having sessions at home or in their chosen private space. It can be a welcome option to individuals who may have difficulty with transport, disabilities or conditions which are limiting. It also enable clients to maintain their regular counselling session when working away or travelling abroad.

ZOOM - a free computer application, enabling people to talk in real time via their computer screens on the internet. Both parties are visible to each other as in face to face counselling. I can help you to access and use Zoom on your computer if you are unsure. You will need a fast broadband connection, webcam and microphone.

TELEPHONE – As with any telephone conversation the client and counsellor are invisible to each other. In consequence the focus is on sound and listening. The client is visibly anonymous to the counsellor. Some clients can find this helpful particularly if due to their history or issues, have difficulty discussing feelings/making disclosures face to face.